MINING TRANSFORMATION – in Workforce Logistics

The mining sector in both hard and soft rock is enjoying a spotlight of rejuvenation, globally.   Most mining companies are posting healthy returns.  We see evidence of more exploration / extraction for precious metals, oil sands and potash to traditional iron ore, copper to GOLD.

Automation continues to be the driver for efficiency and cost reduction in most resource sectors.   Do more for less and do it better.  Do the work safer and continue to protect the environment and workers.  Robotics, the internet of things and plasma technology are also increasing production.   Examples abound from driver less trucks to the use of drones, 3D imaging to automated drilling.

But workers, management and all that critical support staff will continue to be a part of those remote locations from the Canadian North to remote Africa and Alaska to the barrens in Australia.  And these travelers coming to work by bus, airplane, boat and even helicopter need to be managed more cost effectively and with greater efficiency.

Workforce Logistics must integrate with all those critical transportation supply chains plus successfully book a room and bed at the end of the day.  The days of managing this workforce logistics on white boards or spread sheets are over as the costs for errors, overlaps or too much capacity is not acceptable.

Advancements in technology coupled by the goals for innovation is the calling in the Mining Industry. Pardon the pub but mining companies want to “mine the data” too “in the cloud” to identify waste, slippage and critical KPI’s.  Excess capacity on a bus/plane to ordering too much catering is not tolerable anymore.

Workers demand smooth and safe transportation with seamless travel itineraries to maximize their precious time off.  The interface of Fly in Fly out with Bus in Bus Out models are a norm and suppliers now know that it is their responsibility too to maximize customers investments.

Calling on the entire transportation and camp supply chain to take notice of the trends that is peaking.  In my opinion, it will only get tighter in the management of logistics with continuous improvements in value from the overall experience to the rolled up cost in time, effort and money.

Michael Nagel

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