Companies are facing financial challenges and shareholders/management are demanding, more than ever for IT opportunities to optimize their workforce logistics spend. Specific tools are emerging to help manage operations to ensure maximum profit. But, only a few propose an integrated software solution that book and track air travel, ground/marine transportation, camp/RIG lodging plus workforce scheduling.       Logistics Managers should consider the following analysis and research points:

1 – Does the software platform correspond to your needs and your budget?

Figure out what you really need. This might seem obvious, but if you know what you want, ideally separated into a must-have list and a nice-to-have list, it will be much easier to figure out if any given solution fits your business needs.

2 – Does the workforce logistics software have an intuitive interface?

Resource companies must pick a service that is efficient and easy-to-navigate to increase employee’s satisfaction and performance. The solution must be web-based (in the cloud) with access to integrate every stakeholder of your operational processes such as contractors, travel agency & aviation providers.

3 – Does the workforce logistics software adapt to your reality?

Can the platform scale to follow your business growth or vision? Be sure your vendors can adapt from a small project (100 people) to large project (100,000 people).  The last thing stakeholders wish to face is the need to re-evaluate and re invest in a new solution because of existing system shortfalls.

4 – Does the workforce logistics software enhance your operational processes or excellence?

You need to choose a solution that will integrate all parts of your workforce logistics to eliminate the burden of complex manual processes and improve project efficiency. Ask yourself.

  • Does the software facilitate operations? Does it track and monitor critical issues?
  • Does it allow performance reporting? How are updates and upgrades managed?

5 – Does the software include a strong local team and 24/7 services to support you?

Get the support you need when you need it. Pick an experienced company who will be able to guide you through the necessary adjustment towards operational optimization and cost savings. You want to able to count on an experienced and comprehensive team that will work with you long term.